2013 // site-specific video projection / 7′ loop

The first part of “Residence” is composed of a camera travelling backwards into a corridor, where doors open and close endlessly. As the pace of the camera travelling speeds up, the image seems to flatten out, causing a vortex effect. The second part of the video presents found footage of commercial 3D animations of architecture models selling virtual spaces as desirable places to live, revealing, at the same time, our own imagery of modern life quality. The word “residence” expresses here not only a place but a desired status: the opportunity of having a “better” life.

“Residence” was a 1-channel video-installation created for a site specific exhibition held in May 2013 at La Marbrerie in Montreuil, France, curated by the collective Hold^Up. The piece was part of the research on subjective spaces, imaginary buildings and real retention centres for asylum seekers that led later to “Mise-en-scène.”