site-specific video installation / 7′ loop / 2013

The first part is made out of a  camera travelling backwards into a corridor, where doors open and close endlessly. As the pace of the travelling speeds up, the image seems to flatten out, causing a sort of vortex effect. The second part of the video presents commercial 3D animations of architecture models, dealing with the space as virtual representation of our own  expectations for a “good” place to live, at the same time revealing our own imagery of modern life quality. The word “residence” expresses not only a place but a status: the allowance to be part of a better way of life.

“Residence” is a videoinstallation created for a site specific exhibition held in May 2013 at La Marbrerie in Montreuil, France, as part of the group exhibition “Un Espace” curated by Hold^Up. The piece, a 1 channel video projection on the cellar room of an old marble factory, is part of a series on subjective spaces, imaginary buildings and real retention centres for asylum seekers. Its last presentation was within the group show “Cut-Up” at the Kulturbunker Köln as a floor projection.