2010 // video projection on vertical retro-projectable screen

(Site-specific installation for the Contemporary Art Ruhr 2010 at the coking plant Zollverein Essen)

A new constellation emerges from the slowed-down fragments of the self-portrait: a redesigned face that cannot complete itself. In the action of this video work, one sees clear signs of a transformation that, through the act of applying make-up, leads to a new identity. This transformation seems to be infinite. It will not result in a complete subject, but rather in an absent identity, which in the end will never be completed; which does not exist. Nevertheless, the materiality of the image on a vertical projection surface leaves open the possibility of an object: like in a broken mirror, one perceives parts of the reflected figure and tries to grasp the whole from each piece. At this moment a field of tension is created between the viewer and the projection, which is emphasized by the slowed beats of the soundtrack.