Let’s start from the beginning

Let’s start from the beginning. At the beginning there is just a story, which is about people we don’t know but somehow we can recognize -or assume to do so. On this issue it seems to exist a variety of factors that work quite efficiently and comes up with an unmesurable result. A story is to say a new world’s creation, one that isn’t entirely new though, perhaps because we are constantly using reality as a background or as a sheat of paper where we write on. We are indeed more bounded to reality than we would like to be. An explanation could be found by answering how come we are able to see reality as time, or at least as time perception. By the way, I’m refering to the succession of events but also to the trails that go lost by the development of this succession. A constant generation and regeneration on a kind of loop we cannot truly follow because changes are produced throughtout the repetitions. Therefore we make an agreement on what we do follow: we define time as bordered and unbordered space, as location, utopia, enviroment, society, language, knowledge, noise, silence, memory and oblivion.

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