danced installation // 2012

Choreography: Ilona Pászthy
Dance: Sahra Huby, Nora Vladiguerow, Arthur Schopa, Alfredo Zinola

Dramaturgy: Sabina Stücker
Music: Zsolt Varga
Stage: MiegL
Light: Gerd Weidig
Film/Videoinstallations: Gonzalo H. Rodriguez
PR: Judith Ouwens, Hospitanz
Production Assistent: Manuela Sternkopf, Philine Herrlein
Premiere: August 24th 2012 at Barnes Crossing in the Waxfactory

The crew perform „dance attacks“ in the public space. Scenes will take place where people are waiting, f.e. at bus stops, washing centres etc. The paying theatre audience is notified in advance, so that they can visit the “dance attack”. Video material created during the dance interventions joins the live performance in the evening at the theatre, where moments, images and stories melt together. Visitors of the scenes in the public space can meet themselves in a……Daydream? Nightmare?…

timeGAPS trailer from Ilona Pászthy on Vimeo.