The Settlers

Introductory video for an online participative fiction

“The Settlers” is an introductory video for a participatory story development around the fictional slum “Villa Futuro.” The video was presented at the ADD+ART and Fabulation for Future conferences as an introduction to a conceived artistic research project. “This is a participatory fiction of a slum of the future. It explores the possibilities of archival practices and narrative media technologies to address the projective aspect of agency in precarious urban communities and to promote the construction of imagined territories and identities towards a shared future” ( from min 00:00 to min 00:25). After watching this video, Internet users are invited to visit the URL and participate in the creation of this fictional space. On the website, users are asked to answer online forms. The forms are organized by days that relate to the beginnings of the settlement of the Villa Futuro slum. As part of the artistic research, all answers are collected and filtered to find matches that can provide clues to the most likely history of the settlement. To illustrate this possible scenario, hypertexts, images, 3D models, videos and sounds will be created from the matching answers and continuously published on the website. Based on these results, new surveys and new digital material can be created to expand the fictional space. This process will be repeated at regular intervals.

“The Settlers” is based on the artistic research project “Villa Futuro” by Gonzalo H. Rodríguez at the scientific/artistic Ph.D. program of the Konrad Wolf Film University of Babelsberg.

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