The Settlers of Villa Futuro

Participative Fiction / On-going

“The Settlers of Villa Futuro” is a participative fiction of a slum of the future. The project is part of the artistic research Villa Futuro, which explores the possibilities of archival practices and narrative media technologies to deal with the projective aspect of agency in precarious urban communities by fostering the construction of imaginary territories and identities towards a future together.

To participate in the creation of this fiction, users are invited to answer a survey after the viewing of a video. The collected answers of the survey will be filtered in order to find coincidences that can give some hints of the most probable scenario for the settlement of the slum. To illustrate this probable scenario, we will be using the coinciding answers to produce hypertexts, drawings, 3D models and 360° videos which will be published in the website Based on those results, new surveys will be generated, and new digital material will be produced. This process will repeat periodically, creating a digital archive of images and texts that act as narrative fragments documenting the story of the fictional slum “Villa Futuro.”

If you want to participate, please please visit:

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