2013-present // Drag performance character

Pepi, supposedly the daughter-son of Ziggy Stardust, Divine and a giant ‘Draag’, has unclear origins, however some of the most trusted sources of information tell about timeless unexplored worlds. Her-his contradictory artistic career, impregnated with grandiose shows and deep flops, follows faithfully her-his leitmotiv: “show you as you are, no more, no less.” She-he gives no interviews and doesn’t talk willingly to strangers. Some say she-he doesn’t understand any language but love, as wonderful and cruel it can be.

Pepi is a drag performer by Gonzalo H. Rodríguez, and a former member of the FREIraum Ensemble, the RAVE-Collective and currently a stage character of the experimental electronic music project ladyboi.

Photos by Anna Rehkämper