Cultra Hall

Stage concept for live-streaming events commissioned by ASB Rhein-Erft / 2020

The entire CULTRA hall (Hall 1 and 2) is set up in a multifunctional media stage concept. The stage offers different variations for different event formats and can be used for events with an audience on site as well as for live streaming events. The concept focuses particularly on the potential of live broadcasting of events. Curtains of green stage molleton are designed resembling a green box, so that, stretched along the walls of the hall, they can easily create a television studio. This expands the audiovisual possibilities of real-time digital processing as well as post-production of stage sets, backdrops and spatial backgrounds for streaming. And with the placement of curtains of black stage molleton that can be stretched in front of the green curtains, the space can transform back into a conventional theater when a live event with an audience in the auditorium requires it. In addition, some modular stage elements have been co-designed, which offers another possibility of the hall as a whole stage for musicals, galas, dance events and theatrical performances. In the center of the room a smaller stage can be built, which is connected to the main stage and the rest of the hall by corridors through joined stage floor elements. These corridors can also mark the areas where the audience will be placed when the whole hall is used as a stage. In addition, there are mobile screens that can be conveniently and quickly hung and unhung as projection screens.

Walking through