Baum der Klänge

A project by Ohrpilot and the Philharmonic of Munich

Composition: Nicolas Bacri
Libretto: Sylvie Robe
Conductor: Marco Comin
Narrator: Julia Stemberger
AV-Performance: Kuaishen Auson and Gonzalo H. Rodríguez
Direction and scenography: Andreas Tiedemann

BAUM DER KLÄNGE was a concert for children based on the piece “L’Arbre á Musique” by Nicolas Bacri and Sylvie Robe. It tells the story of little Seraphine, who enters into the center of a magical tree, discovering on the way her vocation as a violinist. Along with a visual world of scissor’s sillouettes and computer animation performed live by media artists Kuaishen Auson and Gonzalo H. Rodríguez, the narration of german star Julia Stemberger, the musical arrange of Philharmonic of Munich conducted by Marco Comin and the theatrical direction of Andreas Tiedemann, BAUM DER KLÄNGE was successfully presented on February 10th 2010 at the Carl-Off-Saal in Gasteig Munich.