Another Today

2009 // Multi-disciplinary performance within the Feldstärke International’09 residency programm
at Le Centquatre Paris

Concept: Malte Wandel, Simon Rouby, Nick Bruder, Dylan Corlay and Gonzalo H. Rodríguez
Dancers: Nick Bruder, Mai Ishiwata and Christie Nelson-Sala
Music: Dylan Corlay
Scenography and visuals: Gonzalo H. Rodríguez, Malte Wandel, Simon Rouby

The idea of ANOTHER TODAY was that of a happening running over an entire day, where the space is constantly changed by the performers in order to open new possibilities of action. In that respect, the space is affected by the performers the same way the performers are affected by the space. Based in a collaboration with other participants of the Feldstärke International’09 programm – coming from a wide spectrum of art disciplines: from dance to photography; from classical music to filmmaking, etc. – this performatic event expanded the particularities of the artistic fields to the confrontation and reconfiguration of the most elemental components: space and time.

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