fictional archive // work in progress

We, THE ORGANIZATION, are a group of researchers from different disciplines working on an extensive archive on the art pieces made by an anonymous artist living in the People’s Republic of Peru, which was the name of the andean country during the regime of the ultra-maoist group “Sendero Luminoso” between 1990 and 1994 (also known as “Angkar”).

The archive shows posters, drawings, paintings and videos made by the anonymous artist and organized in card indexes by their possible date of origin and their date of entry in the catalogue of THE ORGANIZATION. In order to place the material within the historical time line of the Angkar regime, each card index shows an art work accompanied by a legend text explaning the work through the possible intention and role played by the anonymous artist at that time. With this arrangement THE ORGANIZATION want to stress both: a separation between the artist and the collective events and a historical narration by indexing single art works.