fictional archive // acrylic glass prints / 30 x 30 cm. // paintings, drawings, posters, sketches, objects / variable sizes // videos, super 8-films / variable duration

“Anónimo” is the name for an artist figure about whom hardly anything is known. Only his artistic work, which has reappeared in parts, allows conclusions to be drawn about a historical period in which Peru was ruled by a cruel terrorist regime. The artworks found document the violent seizure of power by the ultra-Maoist guerrilla group “Shining Path” (“Sendero Luminoso”) in 1990 and the subsequent four-year reign.

The story of this reign of terror, which never took place like this, is told from the archive of an anonymous artist who was compiled by researchers and collectors and is now being questioned about its historical significance. The archive becomes the fulcrum of an interrogation of the past that builds on the drawings, paintings, objects and videos of an artist figure who can no longer be interrogated himself. The result is a catalogue of index cards that attempt to clarify the origin of the respective works of art and thus also to tell their possible stories.