2015/2018 // AV-dance-performance-project

Dance und Choreography: Anca Huma

Video, Light, Sound and Stage: Gonzalo H. Rodríguez

Former Dancers: Saori Ando and Sasha Pavic

AbstractVisions is an artistic research based on the link between light, visual art and dance/movement.The concept of this project deals with the creation of an abstract, blurry and dreamy situation where a performing body can not be really identified clearly as that, but only as an aspect of itself: human, insect, animal, woman, man. A neverending circle of transformations. A body changing constantly into different states.
Our first draft of AbstractVisions was the represebtation of a REM-situation when all of our daily desires, frustrations and feelings were channeled to come up. A body transforming into entities of our minds, into creatures inhibiting in each of us. Sometimes this creatures stay for a while, sometimes move fast into something new. In a society structured under productivity and permanent growth where affects seem to be misplaced, the dreams manifest sometimes as the only scape for our desires. Before falling asleep, we are vulnerable and true. Our double is set free.

At its current stadium Abstract Visions is a poetical and experimental performance about questions dealing with our everyday life and the longing for a scape from daily routine. At the core of all those questions we ask: How real can an abstract vision be?