Villa Futuro

on-going artistic research

The digital platform “Villa Futuro” is an ongoing artistic research project inspired by the communal urban history and day-by-day experiences of the inhabitants of urban precarious places such as Villa El Salvador (Peru), Ocupaçao Izidora (Brazil) and Kowloon Walled City (Hong Kong) among others. They all (so different these places and their stories might be) are plenty of examples on how the contrast between the adversity of living conditions and the belief in a shared future can create the basis for establishing an autonomous, communal urban cosmos with a high level of social mobilization.

Highlighting art practices as tools to explore, enquire and produce new cultural perspectives, the research project is set up as a digital platform that contains several artistic proposals and formats. Their aim is to find new possibilities of art research and new uses of media technologies that allow us to better understand the social phenomenon of organized precarious urban communities in the so-called “Third World.” In this spirit, “Villa Futuro” is not only an attempt to grasp a tacit understanding of the massive challenges of the slum’s dwellers but also to reflect on our own possibilities and limitations to imagine the future as a community from our own realities. Thus, the focus of the project lies on a projective aspect of agency encompassing possible future trajectories to understand the movements within the slums as human condition creating social spaces. To deal with those topics, “Villa Futuro” is creating a digital archive as a trans-media narrative format that analyzes the potentialities of a participative fictional territory of self-organized neighbors.

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