mirror_stage (note 1)

Four steps to the front and we are there, in the middle. The aspect of this crossway is unmaterial, unplausible. But it is there, flushing desire, dead and life. I got the feeling I will look there for ever, without touching, without tasting, just looking images estimulated by a soundtrack, going to another orbit outside my body. As I land on a quite well known geography -which I cannot recognize- I close my eyes, hold my breath and go on moving, moving and moving because there is no other alternative. Motion is my only possibility. Four steps back, four front, we’re in the middle, dancing so hard.
And, in a way, I’m not discovering anything. No point in doing such a thing. To discover. Instead of that I try to re-cover, to hide, to dress, to be someone else, to make someone else possible in me. To live another life, to die another death. To be a mirror…

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