This project all started with a long walk in the snow.
We had nothing particular in mind,
except that we wanted to take the idea of collaboration and process literally.
We took many pictures, videos, and lots of conversations of what we
like, what we see, what we do.
Then we started finding the stuff. A mattress, Christmas trees, and others.
They were throw away, so we took them.

With all of these elements we decided to take a theater at 104.
Two video projectors, a slide projector, huge television, and five
large blocks of Styrofoam for screens, a happening occurred.

What we created, in the end, was an evolving multi-media performance
installation inspired by each of our experiences throughout the whole
week at 104. Everything is live. The rearrangement of the objects in
space, animation, music, dance, conversation of the work and what to
do next.

We wanted to give something for the public to see that came from the
19th district and a little bit of what we do in our respective

Collaboration is easy when all are willing to play together, talk to
together, and do not say no to any idea. Everything is worth trying.
Everything is worth saying.